Our Story

At Only Plant, we believe in clean and healthy food choices for you. Whatever you eat should affect your body positively. That’s why we bring you a series of plant-based protein and energy bars that offer instant energy along with a great taste. These are 100% vegan products, free from artificial sweeteners or processing.

Our philosophy

Only Plant supports the cause of animals and is against any cruelty inflicted upon them. We believe that animals should not get affected in any way for the benefit of us humans. As a 100% vegan brand, we give you the same amount of energy and nutrition even with natural and environmental-friendly products.

Our protein and energy bars are ideal for anyone who pledge to avoid products with dairy or animal-derived ingredients. We are also here to break the stereotype that these bars are only for people who work out at the gym. These bars are ideal for everyone looking to fulfill their energy needs with nature-based products.

Our commitment

Only Plant is committed to the health and wellbeing of our customers. We are thus particular about what goes inside our bodies and the consequent effects. Our protein and energy bars provide you with instant energy. Moreover, these taste great as well without any artificial sweeteners.

Our Product Line

We have a range of protein and energy bars, available in several lip-smacking flavours. Because why settle for one when you have got plenty of options to choose from? Packed with the goodness of healthy ingredients, you no longer have to choose between health and taste.

Only Plant believes in rewarding our bodies with nothing but pure and natural ingredients to get the best form of energy. Munch these bars at any time, anywhere to get instant energy.